We fortify everything.

Networking, security and anonymity tools that users, applications and platforms need to protect their data.


Communications platform with advanced security and privacy, but not at the cost of modern features and convenience. Now in Beta!

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Enterprise grade decentralized VPN deploying Adaptive Symbiotic Networks, modular encryption, and 100% custom set-ups.

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Tired of implementing and testing security code? We'll help you reduce costs, avoid mistakes, and offer personalized solutions.

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Being the leading experts in software and networking services, Code Siren offers custom software and cyber-security solutions, specializing in networking, encryption, decentralization, communications, and privacy.


Critical that your app runs without exploits and vulnerabilities? We'll take it through extensive tests to iron out all burden.


Eager to write code and not spend most of your time debugging? Nothing is hidden from us - we are experts at search missions.


Tired of implementing and testing security code? We'll take over so you can focus on what you love – building great software!


Ready to skip the tedious work and reduce cost and time prototyping? We'll do the groundwork so you can focus on the big picture.